My CYANITE Account:

Why does CYANITE ask me to connect to my Spotify account when I register?

We want to show you at a glance what the emotional profiles of your music selection look like in comparison. With the help of the Spotify API, we can deliver fast yet meaningful results while offering a wide range of music titles.

Why do I always have to reconnect my account with Spotify?

We use the Spotify API to offer you the widest selection of music possible. Because your data and privacy are very important to us, we will log you out of Spotify after one hour at the latest for security reasons (you may know this from online banking). Therefore, you will be asked to reconnect to show you’re still there.

I would like to return to CYANITE Basic. How do I cancel my Professional or Enterprise plan?

You can reset your payment account to Basic at any time if you no longer need the premium features. Simply contact us at mail@cyanite.ai with your request. We will make sure that you use the free version of CYANITE again as from the following month.

How can I delete my CYANITE account?

You can contact us at any time via mail@cyanite.ai and request the deletion of your CYANITE user account. Our support team will remove your account and all associated data within the next few hours.


With which browser can I use CYANITE?

Basically you can use CYANITE with any modern browser. For a smooth performance we recommend Google Chrome. If you experience problems with the web application, we recommend our CYANITE desktop app. You can download it here: https://cyanite.ai/download-cyanite-ai/

Why do some features work with Spotify samples, others with YouTube links or MP3 files?

Depending on the type of analysis, we use different parts of songs to gain insights. For Dynamic Emotion Analysis results that go into detail to any second of the song, CYANITE examines the song from beginning to end. Therefore, it needs the complete audio file as an MP3 or YouTube link. To compare several songs in the Track Mood Comparison or for music recommendations through the Similarity Search, shorter audio sequences are sufficient.

I tried the Similarity Search, but am not completely satisfied with the recommended results. Why is that?

The algorithm for music recommendations is still very new and we are working hard to improve it every day. At the moment we can only suggest songs from our own database, which currently contains about 45,000 songs. However, we are continually expanding the database to allow more accurate recommendations. Our AI also gives music suggestions based on the actual sound of a song. This means that the technology extracts objective features directly from the audio file and doesn’t use tags that were previously assigned.

I would like to share my analysis results with friends or project partners. How does that work?

Next to your analysis results and the project list, you will find a project-specific share button and a URL that you can forward to the person you want. If you use CYANITE Basic, the recipient must first log in to CYANITE to see the results. If you are on one of the premium plans, the recipient can view results immediately and without an account.

I have reached the maximum number of projects. How can I further analyze music?

Depending on which CYANITE account you use, you can create 2, 20 or an infinite number of projects to perform Track Mood Comparison and Dynamic Emotion Analysis. Note that your project limit and analysis limit are not the same. So if you have reached the maximum number of projects, you have the following three options:

  • Leave your projects as they are and only edit the song list within a project of your choice. This works until you also reach the analysis limit of the plan.
  • Delete one of your existing projects and create a new one.
  • Upgrade your account and increase the number of possible projects (and thus also the number of analyses).  Read more here.
I've reached my maximum song limit with the Dynamic Emotion Analysis and can't analyze any more songs. What now?

We automatically reset your limit every 7 days. If you don’t want to wait, you can book single analysis packages for a one-time extension of your limit. It might also be worth upgrading your account. In both cases you will find more information here and can contact us via mail.

I would like to integrate CYANITE on my platform. Is there an API I can use?

Yes, we have developed a programming interface for our music analysis tool. At the moment you can use it to integrate Dynamic Emotion Analysis. Find the API here: https://api-docs.cyanite.ai/

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