About NEUBAU Music

NEUBAU Music is a label & publisher that calls themself a music management powerhouse. They are known for their exceptional, personal, and eye-to-eye music management for artists, songwriters, and producers alike. Artists from the likes of Adna, Still Parade, and Emily Roberts are members of the Berlin-based NEUBAU family.

Catalogue Size: 5,000+ copyrights

One of the latest releases of NEUBAU Music – YUKNO – DAS LEBEN IST SO SCHÖN


With steady and steep growth, NEUBAU Music finds it harder and harder to overlook their entire catalog at full depth in short time. With every new release, the time to find and deliver the perfect song for synch-briefings grows exponentially.

Not only NEUBAU Music but many other music publishers are facing problems with their now digitized catalogues.


NEUBAU Music applied the Cyanite AI to tag their entire catalogue with consistent metadata and to create acoustic similarities between the over 5,000 songs. Now their entire catalogue can be searched by reference tracks from synch-briefings within seconds. This leaves more time for creative work and dramatically reduces response times.

The results are delivered through Cyanite’s proprietary frontend-solution, which enables every NEUBAU Music staff to easily and intuitively integrate AI into their workflows. Further, no coding skills were required and the technology could be used plug-and-play after setup.

This is a screenshot of Cyanite’s library view which easily turns a catalogue into an accountable database



+ Clean and consistently tagged catalog.
+ Estimated 80% faster response time to synch briefings.
+ Estimated 20% growth in synch deals.

A screenshot of Cyanite’s Similarity Search that lets NEUBAU search their catalogue by own or reference tracks from Spotify in seconds.

Julian Butz

Julian Butz

Founder & CEO of NEUBAU Music

After different stations in the music business from publishing to label management, Julian co-founded NEUBAU Music in 2018. He is a well known voice in the German publishing industry and also a member of the VUT – Germany’s association of independent music business owners.

“As a young and forward-thinking label and publisher, it is key for us to represent the innovative mindset of our artists also in the business structures. To make the Cyanite AI an integral part of our workflows is also a sign to the industry that it is now time to embrace this new technology – and to learn to work with it.”

The whole team of NEUBAU Music

I want to apply AI to my catalogue as well – how can I get started?

Contact us with any questions about our frontend and API services via mail@cyanite.ai. You can also directly book a web session with Cyanite co-founder Markus here.

If you want to get a first grip on how Cyanite works, you can also register for our free web app to analyze music and try out similarity searches without any coding needed.

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