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If you have any questions or ideas down below there is an overview about the frequently asked questions and topics.
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General Info & Features

Who is Cyanite for?
Music professionals involved in the organization, management, and distribution of music. This includes music publishers, production music libraries, sync and sound branding departments, music-tech startups, TV networks, and music distribution services. Moreover, Cyanite’s web app is accessible to artists and producers seeking efficient music tagging and marketing solutions.
What are Cyanite’s key-features and benefits?
We pride ourselves to be regarded as the best company for Auto-Tagging and Auto-Descriptions. Moreover, some of the biggest music companies on the globe use our powerful search capabilities such as Similarity Search, Keyword Search, and Free Text Search. These algorithms not only enable faster and more accurate searches but ensure that the whole music catalog is leveraged instead of just a part of it.

Getting Started

How can I use Cyanite’s music tagging and search solutions?
You can leverage Cyanite’s music tagging and search solutions through our API, Web App, or integrations into the biggest catalog management systems. The Cyanite API is ideal for music businesses who want to tailor our capabilities to their product as part of their user experience. Meanwhile, the web app serves as an intuitive AI search and curation tool. Fast to set up and easy to use.
How can I get started?
You can easily start using Cyanite by signing up for our Web App where you can upload 5 songs for free per month. An API integration can be created as described in our API docs. As our free versions provide limited feature access, please connect with us via business@cyanite.ai to arrange a comprehensive test of our services tailored to your needs.


Can I upload any audio files to Cyanite?
You can upload mp3s of any bitrate with up to 15 minutes in length to Cyanite. For large catalog uploads, ingestion of multiple audio formats (incl. wav, mp4, or FLAC) is also possible.


I have a large catalog of music. What is the best way to get it all analyzed? And how long would it take?
We have a dedicated infrastructure for large catalogs. We can analyze 1M+ tracks in under 12 hours never compromising on the quality of our Auto-Tagging and Search.
I have a large catalog of music. How do I send it to you?
For users with a substantial catalog, sending it to us is hassle-free. You can either upload your catalog directly to our S3 infrastructure or share any download link, and we’ll handle the rest.


Can I integrate Cyanite into my own platform?
Yes, you can use our API to integrate Cyanite into your platform. Any free account is eligible for API integrations. For more information please refer to our API documentations here. For assistance, reach out to support@cyanite.ai.
I am using a third-party catalog management system. How can I get Cyanite’s results into that?
Cyanite is fully integrated with Cadenza Box, Harvest Media, Music Master, Reprtoir, Synchtank, and Tune Bud for Auto-Tagging and Search. Also, DISCO or Source Audio customers can easily upload Cyanite’s Auto-Tagging and Auto-Descriptions to their libraries. Just reach out to business@cyanite.ai and we’ll look together over the format requirements of your library system.

Billing & Pricing

How much does Cyanite cost?
If you use Cyanite as an artist or producer, you can purchase additional credits via our self-service subscription plans. If you are a business with a larger catalog, please reach out via business@cyanite.ai to request our price calculator, factoring in your catalog size and the extent of our services. You can also fill out our request form here and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Can I use Cyanite for my research or a non-commercial project?
We support selected non-commercial projects through our Cyanite For Innovators program. You can learn more about this program and how to apply here.
Do you offer membership discounts?
Yes! If you are a member of one of the following associations, please let us know: VUT, BPI, AFEM, or PMA.

Support & Troubleshooting

Can Cyanite’s AI results be exported?
Currently, the results from the library view cannot be exported for private users. If you are a business, you can request a CSV file with your tags and data from business@cyanite.ai. If you use the API, you will receive the detailed results as a JSON file as part of your plan
Can Cyanite’s results be edited?
No, currently the results cannot be edited within Cyanite. If you feel that a tag is wrong, please contact support@cyanite.ai so we can look into the matter.
A specific tag I need is missing. How can I add it?
We can develop customized tags or even taxonomies for businesses. Reach out to business@cyanite.ai to find out more about custom tagging.
Is my data secure when I upload tracks to Cyanite?
Yes, all data stored on our servers are GDPR compliant. We offer copyright-safe uploads for businesses. Please contact us at business@cyanite.ai to learn more.
Why are my tags not as expected?
Cyanite technology has an accuracy rate of up to 99%. However, it can always happen that a tag does not meet expectations. We constantly strive to achieve the best-in-class results. If you are dissatisfied or need assistance, please contact support@cyanite.ai.
Why are my results in the Similarity Search not as expected?
Similarity Search results are only as good as the song library. We suggest using the Similarity Search on a catalog of at least 1,000 songs. Contact support@cyanite.ai if you need assistance.
How does the Similarity Search differ from the Spotify algorithms?
Our Similarity Search is specifically built for B2B purposes. It is fit to find songs that sound most closely to a given input track. Spotify builds playlists for B2C purposes with songs that go in a similar artistic direction in terms of niche or subculture.
Does the Free Text Search also understand musical keywords?
Like any other prompt-based search, specificity is the key to success. The more details you provide, the better your results will be. Please check out our prompt-guide to assist in writing great prompts for music.
I only have a couple of tracks. How big must a catalog be to be ingested into Cyanite?
We have use cases literally from the first track on. If you only have a few tracks, you can easily buy our web app subscription for 20 tracks per month or single analysis credits a la carte. For bigger libraries, please reach out to business@cyanite.ai.
I have an idea but I’m not sure if it’s even technically possible.
Just reach out to business@cyanite.ai and we’ll talk about it.

Web App

I want to delete my account.
Please send us an email to support@cyanite.ai and we will take care of it. Give us a couple of days to process your requests and please note that this can not be undone.
I want to cancel my subscription (for paying customers only).
Sorry to hear that you will be leaving us. Please fill out this Typeform to cancel your subscription.