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Any questions?

If you have any questions or ideas down below there is an overview about the frequently asked questions and topics.
Try it for yourself or just reach out to us and we’ll talk about it. 

Can I upload any audio file to Cyanite?

You can upload any MP3 audio file between 10 seconds and 10 minutes in length to your library. If you want to analyze shorter or longer files, please reach out to us via

Can I integrate Cyanite into my own platform?

Yes, you can use our API to integrate Cyanite into your own platform. For more information please refer to our API documentations here. For assistance, reach out to

I am using a third party music library / database system. How can I get Cyanite’s results into that?
Just reach out to and we’ll look together over the format requirements of your library system.
Can Cyanite’s AI results be exported?

Currently, the results from the library view cannot be exported. However, you can request a csv file with your tags and data from If you use the API, you will receive the detailed results as a JSON file.

Can Cyanite’s results be edited?

No, currently the results cannot be edited. If you feel that a tag is wrong, please contact so we can look into the matter.


A specific tag I need is missing. How can I add it?

We can develop customized tags for customers. Reach out to to find out more about bespoke projects or about our technical roadmap. Who knows, it might be that your tag is already being developed.

Is my data secure when I upload tracks to Cyanite?

Yes, all data stored on our servers that are GDPR compliant.

Why are my tags not as expected?

Cyanite technology has an accuracy rate of up to 99%. However, it can always happen that a tag does not meet expectations. We constantly strive to achieve the best-in-class results. If you are dissatisfied or need assistance, please contact

Why are my results in the Similarity Search not as expected?

The Similarity Search results are only as good as the song library it is searching in. If you get surprising results, it may be the case that there is just not enough music to source from.

How does the Similarity Search differ from the Spotify algorithms?

Our Similarity Search is specifically built for B2B purposes. It is fit to find songs that exactly sound like a given input track. Spotify builds playlists for B2C purposes with songs that go into a similar artistic direction.

How can I unlock more uploads?

Contact us via to request our rate card. We also offer customized solutions if you have specific needs and requirements.

Who is Cyanite for?

Cyanite is made for everyone who is professionally working with music. It is mainly aimed at those who organize, manage and distribute small, medium and large music catalogs, such as production music libraries, music publishers or music distribution companies. In addition, we also offer customized API solutions for radio and television.

I only have a couple of tracks. How big must a catalog be to be ingested into Cyanite?

We have use cases literally from the first track on. If you only have a few tracks, you can easily buy our web app subscription for 10 tracks per month. For bigger libraries, please reach out to

I have a large catalog of music. What is the best way to get it all analyzed? And how long would it take?

We have a dedicated infrastructure for large catalogs. We can analyze 1M+ tracks in under 12 hours.

I have an idea but I’m not sure if it’s even technically possible.

Just reach out to and we’ll talk about it.