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Press Release: CYANITE – Making emotions within songs visible with artificial intelligence

July 2, 2019

CYANITE: Making emotions within songs visible with artificial intelligence


The award-winning team from German music-startup Groovecat releases the first freely accessible application that visualizes the emotional profile of songs based on artificial intelligence. This allows actors in the music and creative industries to examine the individual character of musical pieces with objective data and better estimate their emotional effect. The special features of CYANITE include the globally unique data set from the Groovecat app and the algorithm on which the analysis is based. Music research projects with CYANITE are free of charge in the basic version. The mid-term goal of the 8-member team is to use artificial intelligence to provide music recommendations that adapt individually to the activity and mood of music listeners.

Mannheim, 2nd July 2019 – Looking for emotional music to accompany visual content has become an increasingly frequent task for executives in the music and creative industries. The decision for the right song is often not easy. With CYANITE, the startup Groovecat has succeeded in creating an intuitive tool for actors in film, advertising or games that supports them with the latest technology in making music decisions. The tool, which is available as an online solution at, identifies the underlying emotions of a song and visualizes them in a way that is easy to understand. This provides music and creative companies with objective planning support when choosing the right music for the desired emotion.

Moreover, CYANITE supports music labels and publishers in the systematic and objective categorization of their constantly growing music catalogues. For this purpose, CYANITE has developed a method with which vast music libraries can be indexed on the basis of artificial intelligence within a fraction of the time needed today. In the basic version, this feature is free of charge.

The technology on which CYANITE is based derives emotional parameters precisely to the second from each music audio file and illustrates how emotions within a song develop dynamically and relate to each other. The underlying music algorithm is based on the world’s first holistic data sset of music, situation and emotion. This comes from the Music Moments app Groovecat and is therefore based on growing and authentic user data from real situations and not, as usual, from the laboratory.

This summer, the startup Groovecat will release another app for end-users which is based on the CYANITE technology. In this app, users will receive a suitable, situational music suggestion for their videos and photos. For this situational music analysis, the startup works together with the TU Berlin.


“Right from the start, the interaction of music, situation and emotion has been at the forefront of all our developments. We want to make the understanding and the emotional and situational musical experience palpable. With our first product, the app Groovecat, we have given users the opportunity to capture and share emotional Music Moments. With CYANITE we now go further and offer the music and advertising industry the possibility to find the objectively fitting music to their desired emotional goal. In the long run, we want to provide the perfect music recommendation for every situation – both for consumers and for the industry, says Markus Schwarzer, CEO of CYANITE & Groovecat.


“We are proud to have found a way to deliver detailed insights to customers without having to share individual user data. We have always been very open with Groovecat users that we use Groovecat data to improve their music experience and can continue to make the app available free of charge through the B2B approach, adds Jakob Höflich, co-founder of the company.


To try out CYANITE, everyone can create a free account here:


About Groovecat 

Groovecat is a mobile app that lets you capture and share Music Moments. Music Moments are emotional, unique and transient moments in which music and situation fit together perfectly. Groovecat is aimed above all at millenials where music streaming, smartphones and social media have established themselves as a part of everyday use. In addition, artists can prepare their own multimedia content and monetize their music directly: each view also counts as a stream on Spotify and Co. Groovecat is available for free download in the App Store.


About the team of Groovecat and CYANITE
The founding team compiled of Markus Schwarzer, Jakob Höflich and Joshua Weikert met in 2014 in the master course Music & Creative Industries at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. After founding Groovecat together, the team has received numerous awards, including the „Kultur- und Kreativpiloten“ and the Cyber One Award, and has emerged as the winner from the Music WorX Accelerator in Hamburg.

The company with its current two main products “CYANITE” (for corporate customers) and “Groovecat” (for end consumers) operates from its Mannheim and Berlin offices and was included in Business Punk’s Watchlist 2019 at the beginning of the year. In addition to the founders, the team consists of a data scientist from the renowned Audio Communication Chair of the TU Berlin, two software and mobile developers, and a two-member marketing and design team. In addition, the company works closely with the Chair of Information Systems at the University of Mannheim. The project is financed by the Beteiligungsfonds Wirtschaftsförderung Mannheim GmbH and the Business Angels Dr. Andrea Kranzer (German Business Angel of the Year 2019) and Oliver Lesche.





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