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Creative City Berlin interviews Cyanite

January 7, 2021
Photo: © Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH Nadja Capellmann


Creative City Berlin sat with us to look into Cyanite’s business model, from the most primitive ideas behind the project till what became the most current version of our AI ( that you can try here) , aiming at finding music based on refined algorithms.
The article outlines how Cyanite can add value to a wide range of companies working with big music catalogs, by facilitating complex procedures, such as manual music tagging and time-consuming searches for songs, to ecourage a better outcome when working with music professionally.
The tool is intended for various customers, spacing from music publishers to radio stations to DJ platforms, contended among an exponentially growing competition, driven by the increasing demand for AI solutions in the music industry.
CCB seizes the opportunity to dig into one of the hot topics when it comes to AI – human versus machine and the skepticism towards such an elevated type of technology. What stands out is how AI is not positioned to eliminate a human imprint on music selection, but rather assist where the sole human force can not do alone efficiently.
Check out the full interview for more insights by two of Cyanite’s co-founders here in German and English.




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