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Case Study: How Syncvault uses Cyanite’s AI Tagging To Unlock the Power of Music Promotion

June 29, 2023

Last updated on July 4th, 2023 at 10:47 am


In the vast landscape of music tools for artists, London-based company SyncVault stands out as a reliable platform, empowering artists and brands to promote their music, products, and services. 

With an engaged community of social media influencers and content creators, SyncVault opens doors to new opportunities in the world of music promotion. 

To amplify their impact, SyncVault sought a state-of-the-art solution to unlock the full potential of their curated music catalog. This is where Cyanite entered the picture, offering AI-powered music analysis and tagging technology.


Defining the Challenge: Enhancing Music Metadata Insight

SyncVault aimed to extract deeper insights and data from their diverse repertoire of songs. 

Unlike conventional licensing providers with extensive libraries, SyncVault has a small and highly curated selection of tracks for which it required a solution capable of accurately generating multi-genre metadata and assigning appropriate weightage to each genre to improve music search and data insight.


Discovering the Suitable Partner: Cyanite

SyncVault found an ideal partner in Cyanite, which was recommended by their own network and whose product offering aligned seamlessly with SyncVault’s objectives. 

First, Cyanite’s comprehensive and accurate music analysis and tagging technology met their specific requirements. Cyanite’s taxonomy, which offers various tags in over 25 different classes, won over the team after a free tagging trial of 100 songs.

Second, SyncVault was impressed by Cyanite’s transparent, scalable, and competitive pricing model.


The Transformation: Streamlined Efficiency and Accuracy

After signing an agreement and booking a 1-year subscription, SyncVault seamlessly integrated Cyanite’s solutions into their workflow in just a few weeks. 

Picture 1: Mood-based keywords and search results on SyncVault platform

Additionally, Cyanite’s AI technology enhanced SyncVault’s music analytics, providing valuable insights into song structure, tempo, genre, key, mood, and more.

Empowering Team and Users: Elevating the SyncVault Experience

Cyanite’s auto-tagging capabilities significantly improved SyncVault’s efficiency and productivity, enabling its small team to categorize their repertoire faster and more consistently.

Furthermore, users experienced an enhanced music search, allowing them to filter and find the perfect soundtrack for their creative needsmore quickly. The partnership with Cyanite transformed SyncVault’s platform, fostering a thriving community where music resonates with listeners.

Picture 2: A look at how Syncvault’s curation team uses Cyanite tags in the backend.

Additionally, Cyanite’s AI technology enhanced SyncVault’s music analytics, providing valuable insights into song structure, tempo, genre, key, mood, and more.

A Promising Future: Expanding Horizons

SyncVault is experiencing a steady expansion of its service as it adds more tracks to the Content ID management system. Its catalogue is growing month on month creating more opportunities for licensing tracks for its brand partners.

SyncVault envisions extending its music promotion services to Content ID clients, creating more opportunities for brands to discover the ideal songs for their creative campaigns.

As SyncVault continues its expansion, Cyanite’s AI search and recommendation tools such as Similarity Search or Free Text Search would work seamlessly with their catalogue further enhancing the customer experience and forging new frontiers in music promotion. Integrating auto-tagging was just the first step towards an even deeper partnership between two music-enthusiastic companies.

If you want to learn more about SyncVault, you can check out their platform here:

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