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Club Sounds Analysis with Cyanite: Mexican Edition

May 7, 2021
Cyanite Club Sound Analysis

Last updated on June 28th, 2023 at 02:30 pm

Following the success of the article on German club sounds, published in March on the Cyanite blog, Terc0 – a group of creatives from Mexico searching, empowering, and promoting artistic talent, contacted us with the idea of a similar project for Mexican clubs and we instantly said yes!

The project was published on the Deefe platform and we are sharing it with you today. 

Deefe looked at the seven music spaces in cities across Mexico to find out how the country sounds like. The clubs mentioned in the article include: 

Bar Americas (Guadalajara)

Terminal Club (Mexico City)

YUYU (Mexico City)

Rhodesia (Mexico City)

M.N. Roy (Mexico City)

Topazdeluxe (Monterrey)

Hardpop (Ciudad Juarez)

Darkness, sensuality, and sadness turned out to be the dominant moods of the club sound. At the same time, the sound is uplifting and energetic. This comes in contrast to Germany, where most sound is dark and melancholic. 

Unlike Germany, where clubs prefer instrumentals over vocals, Mexican clubs are more diverse in their choice. Female and male vocals seem to be more pronounced. And 4 out of 7 clubs don’t have female vocals at all. In Germany, all clubs more or less had female vocals in their tracks, though some less than the others. 

These are just some of the findings revealed by the analysis. To see if the Mexican audience prefers techno or house and which Mexican club has the sexiest sound, head over to Deefe blog.

To see how Germany compares, see this article on the blog. 

If you’d like to reproduce this analysis for your country, send an email to Rano at rano@cyanite.ai


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