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Introducing Cyanite’s Keyword Search by Weights – New Feature Announcement

January 19, 2022
Cyanite presents a new way to search for music characterized by increased accuracy and precision of search – Keyword Search by Weights. The Keyword Search by Weights allows for searching tracks based on multiple keywords simultaneously where each keyword can be weighted for its impact on the search. This feature leads to more relevant search results with less time-effort spent on search. 

Usually, you search for music by entering the respective keyword or keywords into the search bar. With Keyword Search by Weights, you choose from 1,500 unique terms representing various characteristics of the song such as mood, genre, situation, brand values, and style, and then you can select the weights to maximize the relevance of search results. Ultimately, if you have an idea of the track in mind, Cyanite can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

How It Works?
You access Keyword Search by Weights through the Search tab in the menu. Please contact the Cyanite team via the link below beforehand to unlock the feature. 

You can select up to 10 keywords from the Augmented Keywords set in the search bar. The chosen keywords will appear on the right with a weight bar and a cursor which you can place at any point between -1 to 1. For example, the keyword search input sparkling: 0.5, sad: -1, rock: 1, dreamy: 1, would refer to a search for a rock track that is dreamy, slightly sparkling, and not at all sad.

To show you how it works, our CEO Markus made a video introduction walking you through each step of the process.


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What are the Benefits?
The Keyword Search by Weights:


  • Allows for increased relevance of search results 
  • Provides better control over the outcome of the search
  • Ensures a level of granularity and ability to create slight or total differentiation between tracks
  • Takes away the stress of scrolling and checking through hundreds of search results
  • Saves time on finding the right fitting songs for various use cases
Possible Use Cases
There are many possible scenarios where the Keyword Search by Weights can be used: from DJs looking to create smoother mixes to video creators looking for a perfectly fitting track for the next video upload. The Keyword Search by Weights can also be used by brands looking to maintain the brand sound across various touch points such as podcasts, instore sound, advertising, etc., where the chosen tracks should be on brand but still sound slightly different. In general, this feature is for anyone in the music industry who wants to exercise more direct and precise control over the search results and find a perfectly matching song.

Check out the Keyword Search by Weights for yourself and see how your music preferences can impact the performance and efficiency of music search.

I am interested in Keyword Search by Weights – how can I get started?

If you want to get the first grip on Cyanite’s technology, you can register for our free web app to analyze music and try similarity searches without any coding needed.

Please note that Keyword Search by Weights is unlocked separately. Please contact us via You can also directly book a web session with Cyanite co-founder Markus here.

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