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Video Interview – How Cinephonix Integrated AI Search into Their Music Library

March 29, 2022

A music library stands out by its content but also by how fast, intuitive and easy the users can find the music they need. In other words: A unique catalog + an outstanding user experience = key factors for success. So how can you optimize the user experience to attract new customers and retain existing ones?

In our case study video interview with Cinephonix, we explore how the UK-based production music library successfully expanded their business with AI-powered search tools using Cyanite’s unique API.

You will learn about:

  • Cinephonix’s specific challenges with music search
  • How the Cyanite API integration went
  • And how it benefited their business.

Hear about the experience firsthand from Anthony Walters, Managing Director of Cinephonix. To watch the case study video, click the play button below. 

I want to integrate AI in my service as well – how can I get started?

Please contact us with any questions about our Cyanite AI via You can also directly book a web session with Cyanite co-founder Markus here.

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