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Jazzahead! 2022 Video: How AI Unlocks New Opportunities for Music featuring Jay Ahern from Cyanite

June 9, 2022

jazzahead! is a professional jazz industry event and a place to listen to contemporary jazz music that takes place every year in Bremen. This is where all the participants of the jazz music scene from professional musicians to media representatives meet and take part in the trade fair and a festival.

This year, jazzahead! introduced the first-ever AI panel into its program. On April 30th, 2022, our Director of Music Industry Relations, Jay Ahern, joined the “How AI unlocks new opportunities for music” panel to discuss the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the music industry and AI music projects alongside Dr. Stephan Bauman, Benoit Carré, and Celine Garcia.


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The conversation revolved around the present uses and future developments of AI in music. AI was discussed as a tool to help artists, labels, and publishers advance in their fields rather than replace humans. The panel participants looked into the advantages of AI for music businesses such as metadata generation, advanced music searches such as the search by emotions or character, increased understanding of the back catalogs, and streamlining of the time-consuming processes.

The current threats to the industry such as the overflow of musical content (user-generated content) were also thoroughly explored bringing forward the AI’s ability to handle unlimited amounts of data and analyze hundreds of songs at once.

To see the highlights from the fascinating jazzahead! panel discussion featuring Jay Ahern watch the video above or on Youtube.

Also, see our recently updated article on emerging technology in the music industry where we discuss opportunities for music companies to advance their offerings and monetize their catalogs with the help of AI and other technologies.

We are grateful to have been invited to Jazzahead! 2022 by MusicTech Germany.

Further participants of the panel included:

• Dr. Stephan Baumann, Senior Researcher @ DfKI 

• Benoit Carré, Musician ‘Skygge

• Celine Garcia Publisher and Innovative Project Manager @ Puppet Master

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