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Music Genre Finder – Biggest Web App Update Ever!

July 4, 2024
A rectangular window showing the Cyanite Music Genre Finder Web App Update 2024 - including the new features of the web app below.

Biggest Web App Update Ever!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our biggest web app update since its launch. We’ve been listening to your feedback and have updated the web app with the world’s most accurate genre model, over 40 new instruments, and new library views.

Best of all: It’s free for all our users.

The World’s Best Music Genre Finder: Free Genres

We know that finding the right genres for your music can be a challenge – and with all the feedback we have received over the months, we have developed the most accurate genre auto-tagging algorithm in the world – with over 5,000 genres. Missing something? Let us know.

You can find our new free genres next to the web app’s main and subgenres.

40+ New Instruments

We also added 40 new instruments to our web app – on top of our existing instrument tags. Everything you need – from Steel Drums to Glockenspiel.

You can find the new advanced instrument tags right next to the regular instruments in your library.

New Library Views

With over 35 tagging classifiers, metadata can be overwhelming at times. That’s why we chose to let you decide how deeply you want to explore your song data.

You can choose between three different views of your Cyanite library just by clicking the “view” drop-down in your library. Select between:

  • Compact View (ideal to get an overview)
  • Full View (dive deep into all the Cyanite metadata for your tracks)
  • API View (the full view with our API classifier names)

Curious? Try it out!

All of these new features are free for all our users. Don’t have a Cyanite account yet? Click here, or the button below and get started. 5 analyses per month are on us! Start using the world’s best genre finder now.


Your Cyanite Team.

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