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How BPM Supreme enriched their music services with AI-generated moods and search algorithms from Cyanite

August 18, 2021
BPM Supreme Case Study

BPM Supreme is a digital music service delivering a wide choice of music for professional DJs, producers, and artists through an online platform and mobile app. The catalog features thousands of tracks that are DJ-ready, come in different versions – clean, dirty, extended, and can be downloaded. BPM Latino, a sister brand of BPM Supreme, is a leading record pool for Latin music. The BPM Supreme brand also includes BPM Create – a sample library for producers and music makers.

Looking back at the history of BPM Supreme, it becomes clear why the company is the spearhead of the digital DJ pools. Since the time of its foundation, CEO Angel “AROCK” Castillo recognized the great technological advantage that a digital record pool brings to its users. Looking at various reviews of record pools, BPM Supreme stands out for its great usability with reviews like “the only record pool I always keep my subscription live with is BPM Supreme”.

BPM Supreme Interface

BPM Supreme’s music search interface before the Cyanite integration

The challenges that come with being a pioneer

Being a pioneer in the market usually means leading with innovations. With the increasing popularity of mood and sound-based music search like the one by Spotify, BPM Supreme saw an opportunity to stay ahead of the market by introducing cutting-edge search features allowing the user to find music more intuitively.

The two major challenges for BPM Supreme were as follows:


    Step-by-step integration of Cyanite’s AI system into BPM Supreme

    After agreeing on the partnership, BPM Supreme started to integrate Cyanite’s technology via its API into their platform. This process went as follows:

    Step 1: Technical onboarding

    Every Cyanite project starts with a kick-off meeting of the companies’ CTOs. In this meeting, important questions are discussed, workflows determined, and the best communication channels are identified.

    Step 2: Bulk uploading of the entire back catalog

    To ensure the fast onboarding and analysis of the entire catalog, BPM Supreme was given an S3 bucket where they could upload their entire catalog as Mp3s (either via AWS CLI or web browser). The files were processed and analyzed by Cyanite.

    Meanwhile: API integration

    One of Cyanite’s key resources is the API documentation. The flexible GraphQL API allows the exceptionally granular shipment of classifiers. It took the BPM Supreme development team less than a week to fully integrate the API. 

    Step 4: Analysis and similarity search creation of the back catalog and providing results via API

    After the tracks were analyzed and a Similarity Search environment was created by the Cyanite team, all results were made accessible via the API and Web App to the BPM Supreme team. We then provided mapping for all the tracks and the respective Cyanite IDs so that Tagging results or Similarity Search results could be retrieved with one quick API call. 

    Step 5: Displaying moods and Similarity Search within BPM Supreme

    As a final step of the integration, BPM Supreme decided how to display the data provided by Cyanite API in their frontend.

    Step 6: Building on a healthy and long-lasting partnership

    To date, the Similarity Search feature has been used more than 300,000 times by BPM Supreme’s users leading to a significant increase in user satisfaction. Furthermore, the new Mood search brought the BPM Supreme team a storm of positive feedback decreased search time for DJs, giving them more time to work on their material.

    Achievements and benefits

    This growth over the period of 6 months shows that more and more users use Similarity Search and find it useful.

    BPM Supreme’s Similarity Search

    The founders of BPM Supreme had very positive feedback. Here is how AROCK evaluates the integration of Cyanite moods and improved search functionality.

    Moods has made it even faster for our community of DJs to find the music they need. We’ve received positive reviews from all types of DJs, saying that our search functionality remains strides ahead of other similar music services. Since the integration of moods, we’ve found that DJs are spending less time searching for music, which allows them more time to focus on other aspects of their business.

    Angel "AROCK" Castillo

    CEO, BPM Supreme

    BPM Supreme & Cyanite Moods

    Raj Thomas, Director of Operations BPM Supreme: “We’ve had a great uptick in positive feedback since adding Moods to the BPM Supreme platform. Our members are enjoying the additional search functionality that the Moods feature provides. We’ve also received feedback that by using Moods to find similar energy level and overall vibe, it has assisted them in putting their DJ sets together much more quickly and effortlessly.”

    The shared press release titled “BPM Supreme to be the first record pool worldwide to integrate Cyanite” in December 2020 was picked up by many international music and DJ magazines such as Decoded Magazine, EDM Nomad, and Record of the Day. The Instagram announcement by BPM Supreme was received very positively by the community of DJs and musicians.

    Moods Instagram BPM Supreme

    What’s coming next?

    BPM Supreme and Cyanite are already developing new features together and constantly sharing ideas in regular meetings. It’s not uncommon for certain features that were developed independently to unexpectedly fit together, which is a great sign that the working philosophies of delivering the best music discovery experiences are aligned. More news and insights on that soon!

    I want to integrate AI in my service as well – how can I get started?

    Please contact us with any questions about our Cyanite AI via You can also directly book a web session with Cyanite co-founder Markus here.
    If you want to get the first grip on Cyanite’s technology, you can also register for our free web app to analyze music and try similarity searches without any coding needed.

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