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Video Interview: How DJs, Artists, and Labels Can Use Cyanite’s AI

February 9, 2024

Managing Music Catalogs with Cyanite

Following up on our presentation at Music Tech Germany, we recently did an Interview with Berlin House Music, discussing what tools we offer the music community here at Cyanite through our Web App

We summarized the most important topics to provide you with a short overview of what we talked about. Scroll down to check out the full 13-minute interview on YouTube.

Features for DJs, Artists, Labels:

    • Cyanite aims to empower DJs by assisting in set-building and suggesting tracks based on energy levels and various tags.
    • DJ features include a similarity search where users can find tracks with a similar vibe.
    • Using the Camelot wheel for harmonic mixing

Promotion Tools:

  • Labels and agencies use Cyanite for categorizing new music, finding suitable songs, and making product decisions.
  • Cyanite helps in selecting preview sections for music distribution to platforms like TikTok.
  • Users have successfully used Cyanite’s Augmented Keywords to instruct ChatGPT-3 in generating detailed song descriptions.

To find out more about this read our how-to blog article about it here.

Playlist Matching Feature (BETA):

    • Cyanite has just released a BETA feature to recommend playlists on Spotify that match a user’s uploaded song.
    • Future plans include recommending DJ crates and suggesting where in a playlist a song should be placed


Curious? Click here or on the video embedding above to watch the full interview on Berlin House Music’s Channel. 

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