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Sonu x Cyanite: Streaming Service Integrates AI-prompted Playlists

March 12, 2024

Music streaming platform Sonu has partnered with AI-powered music tagging and search company Cyanite to introduce VibeCheck, a fresh feature for listeners to generate playlists tailored to any desired mood, setting or situation.

Fair Music Streaming – What is Sonu?

Co-founded by producer TOKiMONSTA, Sonu’s vision is a music industry that’s more equitable and rewarding for both fans and artists. This starts with, a music streaming service that combines ad-free streaming with a marketplace for artists to auction one-of-a-kind digital twins of their songs and enjoy direct support from their biggest fans. Read more here.


A Collaboration to Create Music Moments

We partnered with Sonu, delivering the tech solution for “VibeCheck”. A fresh feature for listeners to generate playlists tailored to any desired mood, setting, or situation.

AI Playlists – Listeners simply enter a vibe, such as “cozy music for a rainy Sunday with my dog on the couch,” or “Friday night dinner party,” and are instantly provided with a playlist tailored to that specific moment.
The prompts can also help listeners find music that’s similar to their favorite artists, tracks, or albums, deepening discovery across Sonu’s music catalog. 

A New Form of Music Recommendation

The result is a more immersive and personalized listening experience for users, without interference from editorial playlisting that often prioritizes a platform’s commercial considerations over a neutral recommendation engine.

“There’s just so much music available at our fingertips. Our collaboration with Cyanite is a significant step towards improving music discoverability and broadening horizons for fans. We built VibeCheck as a more fun interface for browsing music in this age of abundance. The goal is a playlisting experience that encourages a ‘lean in’ experience that feels a bit like crate digging in the age of AI.”

– Laura Jaramillo, CEO at Sonu

How it’s done

Cyanite leverages its advanced music analysis and AI recommendation solutions to enhance discoverability – a perfect companion for a music streaming service that prioritizes personal curation over algorithms.

The AI playlists are powered by our Free Text Search, as well as our Similarity Search, with some tweaking here and there we gave Sonu all the tools necessary for this exciting new way of discovering music. 

“Music should match our moments. It’s the soundtrack to life. So it’s especially meaningful when we surface tracks from emerging artists that may have difficulty breaking through the commercial playlist firewall. This is another step towards our vision of fair music streaming for all.”

– Laura Jaramillo, CEO at Sonu

VibeCheck is live now at Sonu launched its beta streaming service in December 2023 and is available in the U.S. only, with plans to expand to Europe soon.

In the meantime, you can experiment with our Free Text Search and Similarity Search in our free web app here.

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Your Cyanite Team

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