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Embracing AI in Your Sonic Branding

June 18, 2021
amp sound branding

Ever wondered what sonic identities are and how they can be created? Sonic identity is a fairly recent term, that means an audio representation of the brand’s voice, look and feel. When not actively engaging with visual content, the audience can passively listen and sonic identities strive to capture that passive attention. Sonic identities can be quite effective at that, as the cases of McDonald’s “I’m Lovin It” jingle and Mastercard branding confirm.

Recently, we’ve been invited to take part in the overview of best sonic identities 2021. The rating managed by amp sound branding is an annual data-heavy research on how brands use sounds to amplify their voices. Our co-founder, Markus, contributed to the research with a standalone article on how to use AI to develop and sustain a consistent sonic identity. The article draws on such points as:

    • How AI can be used in marketing decisions, in particular, when forming a sonic identity
    • How music is chosen by the brands, and why AI is better at picking the right sound
    • What consistency in sonic branding means and how to achieve it
    • How emotions are used by AI to tag songs and reflect the brand identity.

Additionally, you are invited to check the rating of sonic identities and see which brands performed best at capturing our listening attention. The article is a truly thought-provoking read, revealing the future of sonic branding!

To read the article and see the rating, you’ll need to download the report here.

If you want more insight on how Cyanite AI can be helpful in your marketing efforts you can also reach out to Markus here.


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